NESHKIS story 2016-2017

NESHKIS sincerely care of all people safety, activity and healthy. High quality reflectors, yoga and sports bags are hand made with love in Lithuania. 

My story of Neshkis creation has started when I was growing my third sun. My name is Gabija, I am the mother of three sons. When faced with the issue of the loss of reflectors, I would worry about my children’s safety as they traveled to school on foot or by bike. Children would lose their attachable reflectors, while the reflective vest cannot be seen under the backpack. When I started to observe my kids, how they carry their bags: they put on a backpack, take a sports bag and run to school... I realized that the SPORT bag is exactly the thing that children carry almost always. They need it, it's most visible, and most importantly - it can help me; the only necessary thing – I need to make it desirable: so that it would SAFE&COOL, and their moms would then feel calm, just as I feel now. This is how Neshkis was born.

I am started from three type of products.

REFLECTIVE SPORT BAG FOR CHILDREN. They have separate sections for shoes and clothes, made of waterproof material, which means that no weather is fearful. Reflectors are integrated into the bag on the shoulder straps and on the front so children can be seen from all sides.

YOGA MAT BAGS – my second product that I started making. I practiced yoga at home and in clubs, carrying my mat was not always comfortable, it would fall off ad get dirty, it would unwrap when not needed. So I decided and created bright bags (I am a color lover;) ) with wide openings, that allow to take the mats out easier, and with comfortable handles. They are also made of waterproof material and some of them are with reflectors.

DRAWSTRINGS BAGS WITH REFLECTOR STRIP. Teenagers need bags for sports, young mothers carry bags for their baby’s clothes and everything else that doesn’t fit to a handbag. Bags with strings are made of Eco leather or a waterproof material and are stylized with a reflector strip that symbolize a little reminder - start thinking about your safety in the dark.

Be Safe, Seen and Stylish!

With love,


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